Reading Pageantry: Nationals Registration
Step 1: Fill out registration, and complete the $100 deposit fee to save your spot(non-refundable). 
Step 2: We will email you to set up payment plans or send out invoice for full payment based on your choice. 
Please only pick first choice if you are not applying for a Appionted State Title.

I am registering for the Reading Pageantry Nationals. I understand that I am an official representative of Reading Pageantry. I will promote the pageant system to the best of my ability to making a difference. I will be responsible for the remaining package fees, for my chosen package. I understand my package fee is non refundable. I understand that at if any time The Reading Pageantry system finds out of improper activity, my title will be removed/ or I will not be able to participate in the Reading Pageantry System. 

Thanks for submitting!